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"To reach heights is to step forward step by step! Levels in development are what help us to assess our abilities, which are available today, and clearly see where to move on." - Artjom Maltsev


1. Levels is everything you need for a healthy lifestyle.
2. Levels helps increase motivation to lead a correct lifestyle.
3. Treat yourself and your loved ones with tasty and useful recipes from Levels.


Levels is a place where a person who wants to lead or already leads an active lifestyle could come here and find all that he needs to lead a healthy lifestyle, namely an application for training, see recipes for healthy dishes and read articles on A healthy lifestyle.

Philosophy of the Levels project

Our world is surprisingly multifaceted, and the person in it represents a special part. To know ourselves, develop our abilities, set goals and achieve results, we must always do hundreds, if not millions, of steps to achieve our goals. The philosophy of the Levels project is that any path to the goal can be broken down into several levels and achieved them. And in self-development levels help to achieve great results. For example, in sports, any person has a goal - to be strong. This is a qualitative characteristic, which can be expressed in the number of push-ups or pull-ups. With the help of Levels, you can set the levels for yourself and strive to achieve them, which greatly increases your motivation to play sports and become strong. So in any other areas of our life, any self-development can be painted on levels!


Project Objectives

1. Help increase the motivation to improve physically and spiritually.
2. Bring people to a healthy lifestyle.
3. To increase the morality of people.